Enric Majoral

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        Enric Majoral captures an essence of the Mediterranean in his collections of 18K gold and silver jewelry.  They are not fashion, though they reference or forecast fashion trends, but essential designs distilled through Majoral's thirty-year career as a studio goldsmith and designer.  Many of the pieces, like sketches, capture the purity of formal line made three-dimensional at the bench by the goldsmith.  He describes his style today as "a primitivism that is conceptual at root," evidenced by the paring away of decoration and the use of gems that are cut in uncompromisingly modern form. Majoral's painted and textured 'Obras Personales' - Personal Works - are one-of-a-kind works, often painted with acrylic, that express the artist's current investigations in texture and color.

        Enric Majoral (Sabadell, 1949) studied Arts and Crafts in the Industrial School in Sabadell and Technical Architecture in Barcelona.  He is a self-trained jeweler.  He is founder member of the Fira d’Art I Artesania of La Mola (Formentera) and has received the Carta d’Artesŕ awarded by the Catalan Government.  He has been a member of the FAD (Promotion of Decorative Arts) since 1984, and served as chairman of that group from 1992 to 1997.  He has exhibited his work in Europe, Japan and the United States. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts & Design (New York).