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Sydney Lynch Jewelry: Interpreting Her World

New York, N.Y. -- Aaron Faber Gallery hosts Nebraska jeweler and metalsmith Sydney Lynch in an extensive presentation of her work, from November 24 through December 31.  The collection for this exhibition and sale numbers some 125 works, testament to Lynch’s productive and successful career as a studio jeweler.

Sydney Lynch is inspired by the world around her, transforming the colors, textures and spirit of her visual experiences into one-of-a-kind and production jewels in sterling silver, gold, gemstones and found objects. As a working artist, she is both curious and practical, understanding that her love of travel, exotic cultures and nature’s beauty are the jumping point for work in the studio.  That transformation from inspiration to object is one that she often shares, presenting an image of an early sketch accompanied by a photograph of the finished bracelet, necklace, earring or ring.  Lynch’s jewelry is characterized by her bold use of gems; the use of silver and gold together, often with bi-metal; and asymmetrical forms that suggest an easy wearability.

 Lynch has commented, “My design vocabulary derives from a wide range of sources which reflect my personal interests: the natural forms of rock and seashells that I’ve collected since childhood, the lines and contours or landscapes where I’ve lived and traveled, the rich surfaces and intriguing shapes I find in the weathered areas of the city.

 “I continue to be interested, and inspired by, tribal and ancient jewelry that illustrates the human need for arranging found objects in new, personal patterns.  My jewelry designs tend to be abstract, leaving the wearer open to create a personal, intuitive relationship with the piece.”

Sydney will be in the gallery Friday and Saturday, December 5 and 6, from 2PM to 6PM, to share her story of life as a designer-jeweler, balancing travel, life, photography, business and forging metal over the past four decades.