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        There is never enough space to show all of the studio jewelry we love and covet, but here we try to shine a light on some of the pieces we’ve found that deserve special mention or consideration.  They may be works in innovative materials. Or jewels made with extraordinary materials, like pure 24K gold. Or jewels executed with such masterful craftsmanship that it takes one’s breath away. Often, we find marvelous studio jewels on the secondary market, and here we offer these wonderful values.
        Special collection jewels are often in a class of their own, what we would call ‘best in show’.  Here you’ll find the most comfortable bangle we’ve ever come across, with an ingenious flex to open it; the best diamond or ruby channel-set earrings (please ask us why); and the most extraordinary gold inlay work we’ve  found to date.  We look forward to finding and presenting in this space classics in studio jewelry design as well as new and notable works.