ĎI donít wear it any longer and my daughter doesnít want it. Should I sell it?Ē

We hear this question every day and our answer is the same.  If you wear your jewelry, keep it and enjoy it.  If you donít wear it, and it doesnít fit your best friend or heirs lifestyle or taste, turn it in to something you will use.  Aaron Faber trades and consigns estate, studio and contemporary jewelry from our clients and customers every day, to exchange for something you will wear or to send you a check when sold.

The quickest and simplest way to proceed is to just call Mary at 212-586-8411 for an appointment to bring in your jewelry to the gallery. The appointment is set up at your convenience, you will meet with Edward Faber, and together with you, he will create a plan that suits your goals.  When you call for the appointment, Mary will answer any of your questions before you come in. Itís that easy. Whether you live in the New York metro area, or you choose to make an appointment when you travel to New York, we can provide you with a valuation of your jewelry. You decide what you would like to do.

If New York is not in your plans, contact us at with your inquiry.  If you can, include images of the items your interested in evaluating for sale.  We will respond with any questions we may have.  We will need to inspect in person before establishing an accurate value, but we can help you decide how to plan the next step.