Through a series of candid photographs and personal essays, Peter Schmid's new book entitled 'LOVE' - captures the kaleidoscope of colors & gems and the myriad of carefully crafted gestures both in creating a one of kind jewel as well as collecting it. His book is dedicated to 'all those that have joined us on the magical journey over the last ten years.'

To create the variety of patterns, textures and colors in the work, Peter Schmid and his team source a wide variety of materials and develop innovative techniques. The patterned gold surfaces are 24K fused on oxidized sterling, platinum or 18K gold to create texture and contrast. Peter Schmid notes that ‘materials that emerge from nature are the base of our work, however cities are my points of energy and stimulation. The city beat that is exepmplified in art, music, architecture, the intersections between man, creativity and nature provide the foundation for my design ideas’.