Why is it impossible to find the right gift for Dad? Maybe it's because he's more accustomed to giving gifts than receiving them, or maybe his style is just so personal that it's challenging to find something new. For the Dad who admires timepieces, we've put together a selection in every price range. And here are a few of our favorite men's purveyors for those other trinkets he might like: our favorite online marketer of stylized men's accessories, including belts, suspenders (which they call braces), and even fashion cuff links.

Uniqlo: our next door neighbor on Fifth Avenue is the go-to spot in Midtown for value-conscious casual style, and a Starbucks to refresh your shopping engine or buy him a SBX gift card to go with that T or polo shirt.

Sundog, Edgartown, Marthaís Vineyard: Okay, this is far afield and they donít even have a website, but if youíre headed that way, itís made for discovery, a wooded New England interior filled with menís casual, beach and oceangoing clothes.