Roland Dubuc’s jewelry is singular, cut from a single piece of gold or sterling, combining fluid form and precise detail. He began his first experiments folding metal in 1993, not intending to create jewelry but interested in the complex forms that this technique developed. His unique technique can be likened to origami and demands great technical precision. First he does drawings, then he makes paper models or he proceeds directly on metal, shaping a model for the final work. Roland Dubuc finds his inspiration in everyday objects and in a phrase borrowed from Stravinsky which has become his leitmotif, “Inspiration consists in getting to work."

At once complex and elegant, his designs are uniquely appealing, combining jewelry sculpture and architecture in a play of form and texture. Each work begins as a drawing and a model then is transformed into a sheet of gold or silver, folded, twisted, knotted and refolded again. From the time Roland Dubuc presented his first collection in 1993, his pieces have fascinated the jewelry world and won converts among lovers of great design everywhere. Dubuc lives and works with his partner Carole Leblanc in Montreal.