Devta Doolan began a relationship with jewelry in 1974. Primarily self-taught, aside from brief studies with the Swiss goldsmith Max Frolich, he quickly developed a passion for the medium. Forty years later Devta’s work is known and admired world wide for its beauty, elegance and simplicity. He is influenced in his work by the primal beauty of his native New Zealand. Devta’s jewelry is not only deliberate and thoughtful in design but meticulous in its execution. He works primarily in 22K gold and gemstones, the matte-finished gold highlighting the deeply saturated colors of gemstones such as peridot, fire opal, moonstone and lustrous pearls.

A modern jeweler, Devta is able to distill the history of a thousand years of metalworking into each piece of his contemporary jewelry. Interested in the transformative properties of jewelry and adornment, he creates each piece with the notion that it can change and affect the wearer for the better.