Watch Collectors’ Roundtable brings together top watch specialists and experts on Monday June 10, 5:30 to 7:30, to discuss and answer questions about the phenomenon of complicated timepieces and their continuing allure to collectors.

The term ‘complications’, as it applies to horology and watches, traditionally has meant that the timepiece does more than reflects the hour and minutes. From the invention of the perpetual calendar in the late 1700’s by master Breguet, collectors and inventors have been driven to create mechanisms that include calendar functions, moonphase indicators, chiming the hour and minutes, measuring lapsed time and even compensating for the influence of gravity on precision timekeeping, through the invention of the tourbillion.

The roundtable includes Edward Faber, of the gallery, author of ‘American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Design and Style” and horology expert; Osvaldo Patrizzi, former chairman of Antiquorum and expert on grand complications; Alexis Sarkissian, former president of Roger Dubuis, N.A.; and current CEO of Totally Worth It; Michael Friedman, former horology director at Antiquorum and curator of the National Clock & Watch Museum and currently principal of MLF Horology Inc. Moderating the roundtable is Gary Girdvainis, publisher at Fine Life Media.