Peter Schmid notes about his Atelier Zobel jewels that "materials that emerge from nature are the base of our work. However cities are my points of energy and stimulation. The city beat that is exemplified in art, music, architecture, the intersections between man, creativity and nature provide the foundation for my design ideas".

To create the variety of patterns, textures and colors in his work, Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel resorts to a wide variety of techniques and materials. The patterned gold surfaces are 24K fused on 18K gold. Often, sterling silver surfaces are patterned with 24K gold or platinum fused on the oxidized sterling, to create and effect of charcoal-on-paper. Or 21K rose gold is patterned with platinum and pure gold.

Gemstones are always unusual or unusually cut, against traditional expectations: oversize cabochon quartz domes, raw diamonds and transparent squares of amethyst or beryl are just a sampling of the studio's choices.