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Spring / Summer 2017

This shop has a selection of contemporary and estate jewelry, with rings and bands starting at $500. Engagement mountings by Simon G. are available, along with a wide array of vintage rings.
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March 2017

So bazaar: Live stylishly with these chic accoutrements.
Rare Black Spinel Necklace Appears On FOX's 'Gotham'
May 1, 2015

I do prefer one-of-a-kind or unique pieces that arent mass produced, said Padovani, who also borrowed a gold Rolex from the gallery for one of the characters on the same episode. It makes for a much more individual and interesting look for the character.
AJF Blog
December 15, 2014

Sydney Lynch is a hard-working, self-supporting jeweler. In this interview she describes how she makes a living by creating jewelry, and what inspires her. Her show at Aaron Faber Gallery in New York City includes a huge selection of her work. Read about how she does it.
Winter 2014

Ad featured in METALSMITH MAGAZINE celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Aaron Faber Gallery
Rapaport - November 2014

"Keep a focus so that you can service your client base rather than trying to please everybody. Have a niche. We focus on design to talk about watches, estate and studio jewelry."
Got Space in a Case?

“Vintage offers a wonderful alternative,” says Patricia Faber, owner of Aaron Faber Gallery in Manhattan, and a member and past president of the American Society of Jewelry Historians. “It brings in new customers and it allows you to offer something new to regular customers, who may have bought everything else they want from you already. People love the history and they love learning about the connection between old and new jewelry.”


"According to Patricia Faber, partner in the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York City, when it comes to assessing the value of a piece for insurance purposes, there are issues that are unique to studio goldsmithing. 'What is the replacement value of the piece? Can it be replaced? Is the artist still working?'"
Winter 2014

Aaron Faber Gallery 666 Fifth Ave., nr. 53rd St. 212-586-8411 This shop has a selection of contemporary, estate and artist-made jewelry, with rings and bands starting at $750. Engagement mountings by Michael Bondanza are available, as are a wide array of intricate vintage rings (from $1000).
SOFA Art and Design Chicago

Celebrating 20 Years!
November 1-3
Navy Pier
SOFA Chicago Celebrating 20 Years
October 31 - November 3

Ad featured in METALSMITH MAGAZINE fall 2013.
IN THE GALLERY: Genius of Nature
October 3 - 26, 2013

The works curated for this exhibition look to capture this sense of the organic, of the expanding, of the not-quite-planned, as well as featuring jewels that relate more to nature's inspiration on a graphic or visual level. It was important to include established and emerging artists and the collection ranges from the unexpected to the more familiar. In all these artists' works, one can discern that magical energy of creativity, pattern and randomness converging, the artists' attempt perhaps to capture something universal in a single remarkable jewel.
IN THE GALLERY: Dramatic Jewelry: The Five Masters
May 6 - May 25

Aaron Faber Gallery presents a special viewing of jewelry and objects by five masters of their art and craft.
Dramatic Jewelry: The 5 Masters

Thursday, 9 May 2013 - Book signing hosted by Tom and Jutta Munsteiner

Saturday, 18 May 2013 - "An Afternoon with Michael Good"
"The Enduring Allure Of Complicated Watches" by Deidre Woollard
PURSUITIST - June 2013

Great objects often foster great obsessions. In A Grand Complication: The Race to Build the World’s Most Legendary Watch, Stacy Perman chronicles the creation of an extraordinary timepiece, the Patek Philippe Supercomplication and of two collectors: James Ward Packard and Henry Graves Jr.
TimeOut New York
“Dramatic Jewelry: The Five Masters” - May 6, 2013

Aaron Faber Gallery, 666 Fifth Ave at 53rd St (212-586-8411, Subway: E, M to Fifth Ave-53rd St; F to 57th St While trend-conscious women all over the world are currently donning bold and colorful rings, necklaces and bangles, this contemporary five-designer showcase brings statement baubles to another level. You’ll find glass displays filled with one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces from British designer Charlotte De Syllas, American craftsman Michael Good, Italian sculptor Paolo Marcolongo, Germany’s Peter Schmid, and couple Tom and Jutta Munsteiner. The Instagram-worthy items include 18-karat gold brooches, blown-glass-and-metal rings and geometrically cut gems that are more wearable art than jewelry. On May 18, Good stops by to talk about his work and anticlastic raising, the metalsmithing technique he developed (2–5pm; free).
Aaron Faber Gallery to Host ‘Dramatic Jewelry: The Five Masters’ by Anthony Demarco
Jewelry News Network - April 16, 2013

The works of five international jewelry artists will be on display beginning May 9 at Aaron Faber Gallery in an exhibition titled, “Dramatic Jewelry: The Five Masters.”
PROMENADE - Spring 2013
The Fabulous Four Corners and Beyond by Ruth J. Katz

The Rolex "Prince Brancard" model with its sterling silver dial is a rarity, and all the more so with the "1/4 Century Club" markings. Manufactured in the 1940s, these watches were crafted for the T. Eaton Compony to commemorate 25 years of continuous service.
Summer 2013

Aaron Faber Gallery 666 Fifth Ave., nr. 53rd St. 212-586-8411 This shop has a selection of contemporary, estate and artist-made jewelry, with rings and bands starting at $750. Engagement mountings by Michael Bondanza are available, as are a wide array of intricate vintage rings (from $1000)
Bling In Bloom produced by Margaret Zainey Roux

"'Tis the season to be jewel-ly"
Winter 2013

Aaron Faber Gallery
666 Fifth Ave., nr. 53rd St.

This shop has a selection of contemporary, estate, and artist-made jewelry with rings and bands starting at 750 dollars. Engagement mountings by Michael Bondanza are available, as well as a wide array of intricate vintage rings (from $1,000).
Weekend Sojourn: Claudio Pino’s Kinetic Rings – Ring a ding ding by Samantha Walsh
A Timely Perspective - July 1, 2012

"Last month, fourteen jewelry artists from Montreal were selected to display their newest creations at an exhibition at the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York City. The exhibition, calledInnovation and Craftsmanship in Metal: Jewelry Artists of Quebec, was chocked with wonderfully creative pieces, including Claudio Pino’s extraordinary Kinetic Rings."
Beat-up, Broken-in & Beautiful
GQ - May 2012

"Here's why we always tell guys to splurge on a well-made Swiss watch: It looks perfect the day you buy it, and it looks perfect fifty years later when it's wearing a lifetime of scuffs."
How to Buy a Vintage Watch by David Rinella
April 2012 - GQ

"The Specialists: They're vintage hunters who can find that pristine Omega Ranchero; the watches are impeccable; you can try everything out in-store..."
For The Passionate Collector by Ruth J. Katz

"From the outstanding vintage watch collection at Aaron Faber: A stricking Arts&Crafts -style, 18K yellow-gold and enamel wristwatch (ca. 1930) featuring bright yellow rosettes on a ebony ground, with flourishes or verdant leaves. The movement is LeCoultre for Blancpain, signed Blanpain on the case and movement..."
Is It Bigger Than a Breadbox By Guy Trebay
December 23, 2011 – The New York Times

…According to Edward Faber, the director of the Aaron Faber Gallery, a watch retailer in New York and the author of American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design, it was the sight of more women wearing hefty hardware that triggered a kind of forearms race…
Perspective: Here's the Skinny For over a century, timepiece brands have advertised a curious idea: the thinner the watch, the better By Robert Klara
December 7, 2011 – ADWEEK

…In 1938, Gruen introduced its first Veri-Thin model in wristwatch form (adding the hypen in the process). It sold briskly until the Second World War halted production. In a way, though, WWII was not entirely a bad thing for the brand. "The metallurgical advances made during the war allowed Gruen to [change] the plates, so the profile became even thinner," explains watch expert Edward Faber, owner of Manhattans Aaron Faber Gallery and the author of American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design. How much thinner? By 1947, Gruen had returned to the market with a line of thin thin veri-thin models, shown at right. Veri-Thin became a hallmark of wristwatch design, Faber says. And, like most hallmarks, they were not cheap. That $135 Consuela model would cost $1,303 today…
TWO GENERATIONS The Jewelry Of Earl and Tod Pardon
November 3 to 6 2011 SOFA Chicago

Presenting a Special Independent Exhibition Sponsored by SOFA and Aaron Faber Gallery TWO GENERATIONS: The Jewelry Of Earl Tod Pardon< Catalog Essay by Toni Greenbaum
LINEAR CELEBRATION: Aaron Faber Gallery Director Patricia Kiley Faber Talks About the Genesis of Their New Show
October 21, 2011 - ART JEWELRY FORUM

The inspiration for the current ‘In Line’ exhibition at Aaron Faber Gallery came from a superb exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art last year that I had the good fortune to see. The MOMA show, titled “On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century” and curated by Connie Butler and Catherine de Zegher, brought its audience a fresh view of line. One moved from rooms hung with expert but unsurprising linear drawings and paintings, to rooms with sculptural and three-dimensional works defined by linear movement, to dance performance in the atrium, the dancers moving in linear forms through space. In short, the viewer was taken from Picasso and Kandinsky, to Calder and Eva Hesse, to Trisha Brown and Atsuko Tanaka. The freshness of the show was exhilarating, and inspired me to look at line in metal for a group exhibition at the gallery
Without This Ring: Losing a Wedding Band
August 5, 2011 - NEW YORK TIMES

“It’s a challenge,” said Patricia Kiley Faber, an owner of Aaron Faber Gallery, a jewelry store in New York. She said that fingers tend to be slightly bigger in summer than in winter, swell during pregnancy and may fluctuate because of general weight gain and loss. The change may be just millimeters, but it could be critical in determining whether a ring stays put.

“If you are doing adventure recreation — like rafting or sports in water — it might be better to leave the ring at home,” Ms. Faber said.
ZAGAT Shopping Guide
July, 2011

Not your conventional jewelry store, this midtown gallery in chrome and glass specializes in unusual beauties that range from contemporary handcrafted designs, many one-of-a-kind by name artists, to gorgeous antique gems and excellent vintage watches, all at top prices personalized service is another plus.
Emerging Artisan: Arata Fuchi by Lori Ettlinger Gross
May 13,th 2011 -

...Stu­dio jew­eler Arata Fuchi is rep­re­sented in New York by Aaron Faber Gallery, so if you would like to see more of his work, please visit their web­site here. Arata’s jew­elry is an unex­pected blend of emo­tions, cul­tures, and tex­tures. The artist him­self is some­thing of an amal­ga­mate: he is Japan­ese and lives and cre­ates in Italy. While influ­enced by tra­di­tional Japan­ese beauty, Arata embraced Euro­pean gold­smithing tech­niques. Trained in jew­elry mak­ing at Le Arti Orafe in Flo­rence, he devel­oped his own approach to cre­at­ing his jew­elry through an ardu­ous process of trial and error. He cre­ated what he terms pul­ver­iza­tion, where sil­ver pow­der is applied to a sur­face of sil­ver plate or wire and the whole is fixed with heat. The result is a matte, sand-like fin­ish, mostly in cream white or coal black, which is then high­lighted with gold. There is the sug­ges­tion of the oceanic to Arata’s jew­elry; each piece looks as though it could have been plucked from a coral reef or dis­cov­ered amongst sunken treasure...
Watch of the Week: 1930s Vintage Minerva - April 18, 2011

I really love this vintage Minerva watch that I spotted recently at the Aaron Faber Gallery here in NYC. It is a 1930s vintage pilot watch that is new to their (already awesome and extensive) collection. You do not see Minerva watches in the States often and this one is especially unique because it has a beautiful black dial and luminous numerals. Plus, the new canvas nylon strap could not be more summer-appropriate.

Price available upon request; Aaron Faber, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY; 212-586-8411

— Ted Stafford
On My Radar: Christian Streit by Lori Ettlinger Gross
April 13th, 2011 -

...Jew­elry arti­san Chris­t­ian Streit has a pas­sion for rings. The designer’s early child­hood mem­o­ries of a fam­ily friend influ­enced his future aspi­ra­tions. He recalls, “a tall, stout man, very quiet, smok­ing cig­a­rettes, and he wore a huge ring.” Trained as a clas­si­cal gold­smith in a tra­di­tional work­shop, Streit then worked as an assis­tant at the Ate­lier Michael Zobel for two and half years. After­ward he stud­ied at Escuela Mas­sana in Barcelona with Ramón Puig Cuya. He mixes met­als and pro­duces pieces that speak to eth­nic and period influ­ences while pro­ject­ing a con­tem­po­rary urban pres­ence. A bezel of dark­ened sil­ver against bright gold is set with a loom­ing smoky quartz and a tiny rose-cut dia­mond accent for play­ful­ness. The nar­ra­tive of his jew­elry seems to have more in com­mon with Jane Austen than LBD’s and cock­tail con­ver­sa­tion about Don­ald Trump’s tee­ter­ing bid for the pres­i­dency. Streit feels the depth of his designs, and knows that it isn’t all gloss and per­cep­tion. He believes that, anthro­po­log­i­cally speak­ing, jew­elry is one of the old­est cul­tural arti­facts of human­ity and that its rela­tion­ship between the mind and the body is unique. This is evi­dent in the small­est details: com­pare the shanks of the rings below. Nuance is every­thing and his sub­ti­tles are provoca­tive rather than showy. More of Chris­t­ian Streit’s work can be found at Aaron Faber Gallery in New York....
ARTFIXdailey - March 21, 2011

Aaron Faber Gallery presents “METAL+SCULPTURE+JEWELRY” a group exhibition of bold three-dimensional works in metal, both sculpture and jewelry, as its ‘Focus’ exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory, Wednesday April 13 through Sunday April 17.

The works shown include sculpture and jewelry by Michael Good, legendary metalsmith; a collaborative installation work by jeweler Enric Majoral and painter Michael Mouffe; and Atelier Zobel’s richly innovative jewelry by Peter Schmid. Collectors and aficionados are invited to meet both Michael Good and Peter Schmid. Michael Good will give an informal in-booth talk Saturday at 12:30PM, April 16, and Peter Schmid will be in the booth to meet collectors and visitors throughout the exhibition.
Purely for Art by Phyllis Schiller
February 2011 - Rapaport

"All the new ideas of modern art," says Patricia Kiley Faber, co-owner of the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York City, "the painting and sculpture of Picasso, Jacques Lipchitz, the surrealism of Magritte...created an incredible excitement. And these jewelry artisans began to apply it to what they were doing, which was working in metal."
Natural Wonders by Ann Abel
ForbesLife - Novemeber 2010

Marco Borgehesis delightfully chunky necklace combines yellow gold and 1-inch-diameter beads of pre-19th-century coral
GQ Style Manual 2010

If you want a timepiece with stand-out style—or just one that no one else can get—think vintage. But in watchspeak, vintage means more than just cool-looking or rare. Edward Faber, owner of New York vintage retailer Aaron Faber Gallery, uses the term to define collectible watches made between 1935 (roughly when Swiss technological improvements like shockproofing were invented) and 1985 (when CAD/CAM, a computer system that factored out the watchmaker’s hand, became the manufacturing standard).

Whether you’re buying a $500 Hamilton or a $50,000 Patek Philippe, you’re making an investment—one that could pay off significantly over time. Here, Edward Faber, owner of New York vintage retailer Aaron Faber Gallery, tells you what you need to know.

Buy from a reputable dealer. It should be a member of a professional trade organization, says Faber. The International Watch and Jewelry Guild and Jewelers of America are best. And if it can’t give you a current certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer, you’re in the wrong place.

Look for the big two brands. “There’s a pyramid with around fifty top brands, but at the very apex are only two: Patek Philippe and Rolex.”

Ask for papers. “Original documentation that came with the watch when it was manufactured can add enormous value.”

Know your metals. Platinum trumps white gold, white gold trumps pink, pink trumps yellow. And all of those trump steel.
What Collectors Want.
PROMENADE - Fall 2010

Edward Faber is the founder of the 33-year-old Aaron Faber Gallery, which arguably was the originator of the revival in vintage watch-collecting in New York.

"Within the last five years or so, women have emerged as serious collectors, as they have acquired more independent means. They have discovered that the boys; were onto something good in collecting mechanical vintage watches. The smaller, vintage mens watches, say with 32 mm. faces, are ideal for a womans wrist. Women seem to collect in two veins: One is to seek the glamour watches; that were made with an eye toward the Hollywood of the 20s, 30s, 40s, and early 50s.They were invariably rose gold or platinum, and almost always had a great look and real verve. Today, they are trading way below market [value] and below what a new steel-and-diamond modern watch would currently sell for. There is another group who seek watches that were made for men in the mid-20th century, like the Rolex Explorer I, or the simple Rolex Perpetual [automatic] Datejust."
GQ Spring Fashion Review 2009 by Sarah Goldstein
GQ - January 2009

Vintage watch by Rolex from Aaron Faber Gallery. Featured in January's GQ.
The Artful Opulence of Atelier Zobel: Bold Beauty by Andrea Dinoto
METALSMITH - Vol. 30 No. 3 2010

...In fact, Zobel's color effects have been compared to the gilded paintings of Gustav Klimt. Patricia Faber, of the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York believes that Zobel's unique achievement of a textured, painterly surface is what "set Michael apart." At the time, she says, "[fusion] was a technique that nobody else was doing..."
May-June 2010

Tom Munsteiner's marquise 15.74-carat cabochon ametrine Imagination Ring, set diagonally in 18K yellow gold with matte finish from Aaron Faber Gallery.
The Graduate
GQ - May 2009

Three years ago, Zac Efron tapped into the fantasies of a generation of girls who were still wearing braces and driving with learners’ permits and became the lord of the tweenyboppers, thanks to Disney and ‘High School Musical.’ Now, at the manly age of 21 and with two major movies on the line—including Richard Linklater’s next project—he’s trying to prove he’s more than just another buffed and pretty face...
The Jean Bourgeois
VOUGE NIPPON - November 2010

Vouge Nippon features a rolex from Aaron Faber Gallery in their story, The Jean Bourgeois.
WINTER 2011/ Special Issue

Aaron Faber Gallery;
666 Fifth Ave., nr. 53rd St.; 212-586-8411;

This antiques shop also has a collection of contemporary jewelry. Engagement rings by Michael Bondanza start at $2,300; intricate vintage ones start at $1,300.
Summer 2009

Aaron Faber Gallery
666 Fifth Ave., nr. 53rd St.; 212-586-8411;

This antiques-and-collectibles shop also sells an eclectic mix of contemporary jewelry, with everything from gorgeous vintage engagement rings (from $750) to timeless platinum wedding bands by Christian Bauer and Michael Bondanza (from $950).
Three-fer Friday: Romancing the Stone (and Other Jewelry) by Jenna Schnuer
February 26, 2010

...Five years later, I spotted three more at the Aaron Faber Gallery in Manhattan and tried on the fiery Mexican opal (oh! painfully beautiful), now $2,000. Faber warned me Munsteiner wasn’t making them any more, but (drat!) I was saving for a house...
Living Jewels Natures Bounty by Ruth Peltason
METALSMITH - Vol. 30/ No.5 / 2010

Marilyn Cooperman's Botticelli; brooch is featured on page 26. Click the link below to buy.
OM - 2010

Edward Faber featured in Italy's OM Magazine preview of JCK.
Studio Art Jewelry: 1970s to Now
American Society of Jewelry Historians - Winter 2009

Patricia Kiley Faber, lecturer and scholar of twentieth- and twenty-first-century jewelry artists and co-owner of Aaron Faber Gallery...After an homage to first generation Modernists, Patricia Kiley Faber created a richly textured look at 40 years of studio jewelry by suggesting its sources of inspiration
Recession Strategy by Nancy Pier Sindt

The Aaron Faber Gallery has built a solid business by buying as well as selling rare jewelry and watches.
Boy Meets Girl
VOGUE TOKYO - November 2009 No. 123

Aaron Faber watches and jewelry featured in Vogue Tokyo's androgynous editorial spread...
The Eye: Rami Abboud Earrings by Ann Abel
FORBES LIFE - September 2009

You'd have to go back to the Art Nouveau period, to the wild, wonderful jewelry they were making for Sarah Bernhardt, to see something so outrageous," says Patricia Faber...
September 2009

Aaron Faber Gallery featured in Russian magazine Tatler.
Stayin' Alive: In Spite of Hard Times, the Urge to Adorn Lives On by Andrea DiNoto
METALSMITH Vol.29 / No.3 / 2009

...Reports from the art jewelry front were also mixed. Patricia Faber, of the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York, which sells both estate and art jewelry and vintage watches, observed that "at the end of the year, everybody put on the brakes," but that sales improved "in the new year." Faber felt that while it was too soon to discern real trends for 2009, she expected to see more silver and mixed metal sales as less expensive alternatives to gold, and predicted "a simpler esthetic at a lower price point" may take hold. "The price of gold and silver influences artists," she added, forcing many of them to move into alternate materials. "Art jewelry is a little insulated from the market," Faber added, pointing out that the gallery had sold a number of pieces from its first 2009 exhibition, "Fresh Start: New Directions."...
Aaron Faber Gallery exhibits 'new silver works'
NATIONAL JEWELER - June 23, 2009

New York--The Aaron Faber Gallery is presenting "Contemporary Silversmithing: New Works in Studio Silver" from June 23-Aug. 8, 2009.

The group exhibition features approximately 100 wearable works by 34 silversmiths covering classic works from modern masters as well as innovative approaches to working in the metal...
A Long Time Ago
ESQUIRE KOREA - May 2009 No. 164

Aaron Faber Gallery was featured in a global report in Korean Esquire Magazine.
Laughing Matter: Comedy’s New Legends
VANITY FAIR - April 2009

In these tough times, America is lucky to have the community of comic talent featured here: men and women who will band together for the perfect setup, charm laughs from their audience, and seize on just about any icon—a Founding Father, a famous artist, even a V.F. cover—as ripe for gentle subversion. From Russell Brand’s Chaplin to Seth Rogen’s Frida Kahlo to an all-star update of The Honeymooners, V.F.’s photographers capture a new generation’s take on its favorite legends, and Jim Windolf figures out why their particular brand of funny fits the national mood...
How To Buy TIME

Before dropping 10,000 on a brand-spanking-new Rolex, you should take a look at the secondary market, where you’ll likely find the same watch (or something better) for up to half the price. Edward Faber can tell you how…
Rock-Paper-Scissors... By Lori Ettlinger Gross
JEWEL HISTORY - March 16, 2009

Jewelry that looks like it came from the stuff of trees, or even recycled newspapers; the concept has inspired studio artists. There is an exhibition ongoing at Aaron Faber Gallery that must be seen, if not only for reasons fashionable. Apparently, the idea will hold court at least until this Fall.
Lily Allen Shops At Aaron Faber
POPDIRT.COM - February 11, 2009

Lily Allen was spotted shopping around Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday (February 10). The British pop star, in New York promoting her just released second album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’, purchased a watch at the Aaron Faber store on W. 53rd off Fifth Ave, before heading to Soho for more shopping at Prada.
Lily Allen on the Today show in New York
GLAMOUR - February 11, 2009

Lily Allen has a little stretch after popping into the Today show in New York to talk about her new album It's Not Me, It's You. The singer celebrated her good work with a shopping trip to Aaron Faber Gallery to buy a vintage watch.
Pan Pacific: A Spotlight on Asian Techniques and Influences in Contemporary Studio Jewelry by Andrea DiNoto
METALSMITH Vol.29 / No.1 / 2009

Geographically speaking, “Pan Pacific” encompasses more than 30 countries plus island nations; but for the purposes of this ambitiously named yet intimate exhibition the focus was – not surprisingly – on Japan, China, the South Pacific and simply Asian-inflected states of mind. About 100 items by 23 Asian and Western jewelry artists…
Made in New Jersey by Phyllis Schiller
RAPAPORT - April 2010 - Vol. 33 N0. 4

"...And although the jewelry's scale is relatively small by today's standards, says Edward Faber, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City, "the pieces very romantic..."