Afghan Hound Pin/Sculpture

'Afghan Hound' is a complex two-part pin/sculpture, the top pin a 14K gold repoussé Afghan hound in profile, his nose extending smartly beyond the frame, a lacy gold filigree, like a close-up of the hound's coat, at bottom reaching to the second pin, with its matching curls in 14K gold, set with a blue topaz crystal slab.

Linda Kindler Priest's extraordinary work in the traditional technique of repoussé is breathtaking on close examination. They appear to be very quiet compositions, yet there is so much going on upon close viewing, it is remarkable the artist can pull off such understated theatrics.

The hound pin measures 1.50" x 1.75", the lower pin set in oxidized sterling silver with 14K gold measures 1.50" x 2". Sapphires 5.12 carats total weight.

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