Sea Wanderer Pin/Sculpture

Linda Kindler Priest's extraordinary work in the traditional technique of repoussé is breathtaking on close examination. They appear to be very quiet compositions, yet there is so much going on upon close viewing, it is remarkable the artist can pull off such understated theatrics.

Here, an assymetrical 14K gold 'Sea Wanderer' fish is a low-relief sculpture created from flat gold sheet through repoussé: pushing and chasing the precious metal out from behind. The movement created by the assymetrical outline is reinforced by the asymmetrical Biwa pearl at bottom and the swirling coloration of the ocean jasper in the lower pin, from the top of which springs 14K and diamond foam or seaweed.

The 14K fish pin measures 1.50" x 1.25" , the ocean jasper, oxidized sterling and 14K lower p1.25" x 1.75", and the picture frame to mount them when not being worn measures 4.25" x 6.25".

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