Magnificent Fire Opal Cocktail Ring

Peter Schmid's magnificent fire opal ring is dazzling in its simple complexity. The oval cabochon 28.49 carat fire opal is surrounded by cubed raw diamonds, 1.86 carats tw. and a double frame of 22K and 18K golds. The mounting itself is a work of art, oxidized sterling hollow-built for comfort, in a cross-hatch pattern of platinum on silver, studded with 0.42 carats yellow diamond melée. That pattern is repeated beneath the gem, 24K gold fused on oxidized sterling, the cross-hatched lines visible as the light shifts on the gem opal. The effect is simply mesmerizing, while the hand work and skill to make it so are complex. The ring measures 1-1/8" w x 1-3/8" long x 1/2" above the hand.

Item# RNG02624



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