'Urbock' Pin/Sculpture

The mixed media 'Urbock' from Tod Pardon's 2011 series is a pin/brooch and sculpture that measures 3" w x 3-1/2" h is fabricated in sterling silver, with resin inlay, wood inlay, and copper. Measures 5-3/4"" h overall on base, which is 2" square.

Tod Pardon's study of painting is evident in his bold use of color in the pin/sculptures that make up his oeuvre. As a working studio jewelry artist for the past 30 years, Pardon has developed a vocabulary of his own, using sterling silver, resin inlay and found materials. The figural pins, which are set on wooden bases when not being worn, are mysterious, part-human, part-bird or animal, somethimes whimsical yet often veering towards the surreal. At times, there appears to be a narrative, but mostly they are single figures, their exaggeration reflecting human qualities, from repose to panic to humor.

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