“My fiancé and I are from DC and wanted to spend a wonderful time in NYC (where we fell in love). Ironically, it took a trip back to NYC to have an amazing experience with Felice and find the wedding ring of my dreams!

Before heading up North, we tried to look at wedding bands at a local store.  Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication with this local jewelry store and we were never able to see any rings because they had been shipped back.  I was really sad and let down.

A week later, Bruce surprised me and told me that he connected with Felice from Faber Aaron to gather up Steven Kretchmer wedding bands. I was shocked when he told me she was able to gather five different rings within days from all over the country.

The day came to go see Felice and we walked into the store and felt this overwhelming calmness. The store was inviting, she was smiling, and immediately my nerves calmed down. She took us to the back and showed us all the rings. Felice explained the best type of ring that would match with my engagement ring. Note- I never wear rings, so I was afraid to make the wrong decision.

She let me/us figure it out and with no pressure. She gave us space when we needed it and she knew when we were feeling puzzled and factually explained why rings look better with different styles. After an hour, again with her pleasure, I was able to pick out my beautiful wedding band. Our wedding is in a few weeks and I cannot wait to wear my ring! It’s silly, but when I put the wedding band on, I think of Felice and how she made my experience so comforting and most of all, with trust.

This ring is one of most important symbols of my life and I am forever grateful for the “great energy” of  Felice!!”

-Lily M.



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