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In this remarkable era of technology, studio jewelry is created by hand, one at a time, by the artist, in the studio, using intricate labor-intensive techniques. Each piece is signed and hallmarked by the artist, insuring its identity and future value. The phenomenal success of studio jewelry is testimony to its powerful beauty, its ability to speak with an original voice, and its extremely high quality. The studio artists we present here are among the best and most recognized in the world. There is no single esthetic, as studio jewelry embraces diversity. Some of our goldsmiths interpret ancient themes and forms for modern times; some eschew tradition in favor of post-modern expression. One of the artists presented uses wood and pigmented glass inlay, another uses pure 24K gold. Like many fine artists, studio jewelers execute special orders, or commissions, in which clients and collectors have a voice in the creation of a wholly individualized design in the signature style of the studio artist. These studio jewelers, from the United States and Europe, present visions to us of jewelry that is personal, that restores balance to our lives, that is made individually for individuals.



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