Baiyang Qiu

“Growing up in a small traditional jade shop owned by family in China, my interest in jewelry making started at an early age.  When I was little, I traveled with my parents to many remote areas including Tibet and Xinjiang, where all manner of colorful, precious stones were found and unearthed.  The way the walls of the caves emitted mysterious lights and colors of minerals and stones fascinated me. This primal attraction is forever a part of my memory.  Collecting the broken stones of damaged jewelry from the floor of my family’s workshop into a little treasure box, I always dreamed of creating my own.

After I received my Master of Fine Art degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, I worked as an industrial designer for a few years of designing medical devices, and obtained several patents in both US and China.  With the support of family and friends I started a full time jewelry practice Nov of 2013, pursuing my own dream.

My current work is created with extremely fine gauge wire of high karat gold and platinum.  By combining traditional fabrication with new technologies, my work presents a delicate aesthetic also strong wearable jewelry.  Vine like wire work becomes three dimensional line drawings that bring lightness with delicate volume expressing organically systemized form from surroundings.  The subjective relationship between my work and the body is part of this dichotomy, and jewelry acts as a medium to present my perspective to the wearer.”



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