Beth Farber

Beth Farber has adapted techniques from antiquity to hand weave precious metals and gemstones into one-of-a-kind, wearable art. Her integration of ancient textile processes with contemporary perspectives and precious gems gives the works its unique perspective.

While the elements of Farber’s jewelry are individually hard – gold and gems – when woven together they are transformed into fine jewelry that is soft to the touch that drapes like a shimmering textile. They meld to the shape of a wrist, or drape on the neck, retaining their original form but influenced by the individual contours of the wearer. Thus each piece comes alive, moving with a woman’s body, adapting to her kinetic energy.

Profoundly inspired by her experiences living and traveling internationally, Farber’s designs are evocative of exotic lands, imbued with the colors, shapes and visual flavors of the cultures she has known.



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