Élise Bergeron

With a BFA and an MA in art history, Élise Bergeron worked for several years as a cultural officer in Montréal before discovering her passion for jewellery. To fully integrate this art and craftsmanship, she received professional technical training in jewellery, then earned a diploma in gemmology from the prestigious Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Élise Bergeron found her artistic approach through the exceptional properties of ductility and malleability inherent to precious metals. The use of gold and silver in their pure or nearly pure state facilitates many manipulations that achieve the effects of texture and reflection. The exclusive pieces presented here present organic attributes that only traditional methods can reveal. Passionate in gemology, Élise Bergeron incorporates mostly gemstones in her designs. It thus expresses her fascination for the color of minerals obtained during the geological process.



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