Margoni Studio

Margoni Studio combines large rose-cut gemstones that they design and cut themselves in ring and earring settings that are one-of-a-kind, set in sterling silver and 18K gold. The studio uses bold gems and combinations to create fun, easy to wear studio-made jewelry.

Mary Margoni and Yannis Mandilakis began their creative and personal collaboration in 1989 Thessaloniki, Greece. Mary, a graduate of jewelry design school in Thessaloniki , followed postgraduate studies at the Contrato Directo Art School in Lisbon, where she further specialized in the design and fabrication of hand-crafted jewelry. Yannis, after graduating the University of Thessaloniki with a major in Physics, studied in depth the craft of gem cutting and various lapidary techniques. Today, at their workshop, the two artists are engaged in the design and creation of unique and handmade jewels. Combining harmoniously gold, silver and precious or semi-precious gemstones they end up with beautiful and innovative forms of colorful pieces. Gemstones are sometimes faceted and sometimes left in their natural rough form. Simplicity, abstract lines and originality highlight each gemstone and provide a one of a kind identity as well as a bold statement.



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