Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd says about his jewelry: “My work is a compilation of basic metal fabrication techniques and lapidary.  My influences are varied and wide.  A large part of the work is an exploration of color, using a variety of natural materials, mainly stone.  As for design, if I were to have one influence it would be form and pattern derived from nature, yet confined in a more hard-edged, linear structure which metal fabrication lends itself to. My formal education in the arts was in painting and ceramics. As a metalsmith and lapidary I am self taught and have been making jewelry as my main focus in the arts for the past 20 years.

His jewelry is characterized by sophisticated combinations of gold and oxidized silver, combined with hand cut gems. Trained formally in painting and ceramics, Michael developed his sense of design, color and form at an early age.  Largely self-taught as a jeweler, he transforms stone and metal into an unlimited palette of color, texture and pattern, creating wearable sculptures that as engaging for the wearer as they are for the viewer.

His work has been featured in Ornament, Metalsmith, Lapidary Journal and Lark Books.  His work is in the collections of the Museum of Art and Design and numerous private collectors.



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