Niessing was founded in Germany in 1873; in 1970, it focused its brand on developing and supporting modern design in jewelry, and has been an icon of modernism in jewelry since that time.  All the designers who have worked at Niessing or produced designs for Niessing since 1970 have shared a common concept: for each piece of jewelry: to embody an idea, an underlying principle, the essence of a form, a material, or a technique.  The design concentrates on this principle, which is why each designer’s piece is instantly recognizable as being ‘typically Niessing”.

Niessing is equally famed for its high standards of craftsmanship and manufacture.  Niessing’s  technological innovations – from the tension set diamond solitaire, to pleated 24K fabric-like gold, to their Iris rings which feature color-changing seamless bands of precious metal ranging from white silver to pure 24K—drive the leading edge of their design.



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