Pascal Lacroix

The high Sierra Mountains wilderness provides a spectacular setting for the studio of Pascal Lacroix, where he gives each of his jewelry pieces “one-of-a-kind” attention. Mr. Lacroix, an award-winning designer born in Brussels and raised in the south of France moved to northern California in early 1981.

As a perfectionist, Pascal Lacroix will perform every single task himself – from the sketch to the design, the wax carving and the casting, the assembling, the forging and the tuning, the stone setting and even the final polish – the attention and care to all those steps is what makes this product truly unique. Pascal Lacroix is the only jewelry designer that has spent most of his design carrier perfecting the making of luxury bracelet. Timeless yet contemporary, his bracelets are designed to last a lifetime and be passed on to generations to come.

Hidden under the surface is a marvel of engineering – Perfecting his technique over the decades and making use of the tensile strength and memory of metal, Pascal will dot each bracelet with a specially customized and tuned hinge and clasp. They are designed to be easy to operate but yet totally invisible and safe.



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