Radi Brothers

The Radi Brothers were born in Kosovo but at a very young age they moved to Croatia — geographically not very far, but culturally very different; the exposure to and acceptance of both cultures made things interesting.

The adventure of designing and making jewelry started very early for them. Their father is a master of filigree and recognized throughout the Adriatic coast, so they enjoyed watching him work and learned the secrets of making filigree jewelry from him. They studied further in specialized schools in Zagreb to add knowledge of the full range of contemporary jewelry making techniques.

Their intricate jewelry is exclusively hand made by them and is a combination of precious metals consisting of hundreds and thousands of tiny pieces into one spectacular object all brought together with a lot of skill and patience and play.

Thus, the inspiration for their unique jewelry line comes from these thousand-year-old techniques and also from contemporary culture–the flatness of modern shapes and modern art.



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