Steven Kretchmer

Steven Kretchmer Designs is the second generation design studio led by daughter Claudia Kretchmer and inspired by Steven Kretchmer’s award-winning design and innovative platinum alloy metals. Steven Kretchmer (1953-2006) was a visionary in precious metal design, and his own words best describe the studio’s work:

“I design future classics that become heirlooms…precious pieces, created by rare techniques.  I do not redo what has been done. To achieve my vision, I combine forms and technologies using whatever is necessary: coal, lasers, hammers and computers.  I sometimes need to develop new precious metal alloys with a characteristic that does not exist.

I challenge myself to go beyond the aesthetic and functional design solutions when working with precious metals.  My passion is to create pieces that contain wizardry, enchantment and power that reunite us with our timeless imaginations.  Precise craftsmanship and technique are necessary elements, but my love for the mystery of jewelry must always be apparent in my art.”

Claudia Kretchmer continues this innovative tradition with her new designs, winner of the 2007 Town & Country Couture award and the 2016 Women’s Jewelry Association Excellence in Design award.



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