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Shipping and Insurance:

Most of our beautiful jewels and watches are one-of -a-kind or limited edition pieces and necessarily subject to prior sale. We will notify you within 24 hours if your purchase is ready to ship in 5-7 days. If the item is not available, we will automatically issue a full refund. For shipping details, see e-retail terms and conditions. Domestic shipments of $750 or greater are sent FedEx Express for overnight delivery and a signature is required by the post office. Purchases below $750 are shipped USPS Priority and also require a signature. International shipping requires payment, generally $100-$200 FedEx depending on destination or value, or USPS International Priority, $55, if the purchase is less than $750.

International Orders:

International shipments can customarily be arranged. Shipping costs internationally depend on value and distance, please email for estimates. Please include your destination country with your inquiry. All items must ship to the billing address, for your protection.

Payment Information:

We accept PayPal, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and checks and bank wire transfers.


We will refund any purchase that is returned to Aaron Faber, in the original condition as shipped from Aaron Faber Gallery within five business days. Please insure your return shipment for the purchase price. You do pay for shipping and insurance on returned merchandise. Merchandise deemed to be worn is subject to a restocking fee.


We will issue store credit or exchange any merchandise that is returned to us in original condition as shipped within 10 days. Again, please insure your return shipment for the purchase price. You do pay for shipping and insurance on returned merchandise.

Special Orders:

Special orders need to be confirmed by E-mail or fax and are not returnable. We want you to be happy with your order, so we will review it with you carefully before you make a commitment. A 50% deposit is required on all special orders. Please be assured that we create hundreds of special orders annually for very satisfied clients. For more information, please contact or


Our jewelry is guaranteed to be as stated: the period, the materials and the manufacturer – or we will refund your money. There is no warranty on the jewelry itself but we, like you, expect it to stand up to normal wear and tear unless otherwise advised. We have a full time service department to repair or restore any jewelry that is damaged or worn:

Here are the basics: opals are delicate, enamel is fragile, pearls cannot be exposed to hair spray or chemicals, emeralds should never be subjected to heat or sonic cleaning, no one can drop their jewelry without expecting an unpleasant outcome, no weight-lifting with those rings, and, should the jewelry be serviced outside Aaron Faber, we simply have no way to provide support afterwards.

All our timepieces are warranted for accurate timekeeping of 2 minutes per 24 hours. All our watches are serviced before you buy them, but adjustments are often necessary for vintage timepieces. We will pay round-trip shipping on website purchases for one adjustment. All adjustments within the 24 months of purchase are free, but subject to shipping and insurance fees. Our timepiece warranty does NOT cover the outer or cosmetic parts of the watch (crystal, band, and bezel) and is void if the watch is dropped or exposed to water. In all service issues, we are sensitive to your concerns, so please E-mail or call 212-586-8411 or write to us at: Aaron Faber Services, 589 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1155, New York NY 10017 and we will do our best to provide the service you expect.

Gem Treatments:

Virtually all colored gems in the marketplace are now enhanced or treated in some fashion. Emeralds have been oiled for centuries, sapphires and even quartz (amethyst and citrine) are routinely heat treated, and the irradiation of diamonds and sapphires is not uncommon — just to name a few enhancements. Most enhancements are stable – diffusion and heat treatments for example— and some are not, such as fracture filling, which fills the normal fractures in a diamond, sapphire or emerald with colored chemicals to improve the gem color and reduce the visibility of the fracture.

We disclose unstable or unaccepted treatments, but we advise all our clients and friends to consider any gem to be enhanced, unless you have a gemological certificate stating otherwise, given the advanced technology used today. Treat your gems and gemstone jewelry with gentle care. Do not put gemstone jewelry in steam or sonic cleaners. Hot water, a gentle dish detergent, and a soft toothbrush are the tools of choice for cleaning.



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