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How long does it take to make a wedding/engagement ring?

The good thing about wedding and engagement ring shopping is that excellent stores and galleries have a full range of rings in stock. Styles range from antique to contemporary. Popular looks include Art Deco and micropavé , which is a fine arrangement of small diamonds set edge-to-edge and covering a surface. Pavé is a French term that means “paved”, so picture a surface of gold or platinum paved with small diamonds. Most couples choose to go with a wedding band that coordinates with the solitaire mounting (the ring that carries the main diamond). Because the manner in which a stone is set varies from one designer to the next, choosing the same designer for both the solitaire & the band will guarantee a harmonious look, especially since these two rings are often worn stacked on the same finger.

The average American woman’s ring size is between 6 and 8, and most bridal shops will stock 6.5 to 7. If your finger is bigger or smaller, most stock rings can be adjusted within a 2 size range. That process takes a few business days, so give yourself a week for sizing a ring.

If you fall in love with a specific designer’s style, adapted to your size and the size and shape of your desired gemstone, expect that process to take four weeks. If you already have a gemstone or want to re-set a family gem, that can often be done in a matter of days, choosing a ring that is available from your jeweler or favorite gallery and setting your gem in it.

Not all stones are suitable for all rings. They may be too soft for daily wear; they may be heavily included where a bezel (the metal setting that holds and protects the gem) could damage a the gem during the setting process, so bring your gem with you during the search process. Make sure your bridal jeweler is or has on staff a diamond specialist trained at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) who will meet with you to discuss the diamond & mounting you want. Should you have dreams of an entirely custom-made ring that would be designed just for you, expect that process to take six to eight weeks. Visual communication is extremely important in creating a custom design, so plan to ask for renderings, drawings or more likely computer-generated images. Having tear-sheets to show a your jeweler or designer is a good start so they can understand what you hope to create. Also, make sure you understand a store’s policies about custom orders, any fees involved for participating in the design process, and exactly how long it will take to conclude the project. Many jewelers can accelerate a normal time frame to accommodate a special date.

Diamond and engagement ring shopping — on foot or online — should be informative and fun. Choosing an engagement ring and wedding band should be a collaboration between you and an informed professional. Our diamond sales associates are graduate gemologists and our jewelry staff is fine tuned to your needs. We listen to you and find or create what you want, at a price you are comfortable with, presented clearly by real people who are still here after the wedding to answer any questions or concerns. You can always reach us online, by phone or in person to discuss your dream design or ask questions about diamonds and the marketplace.

Value matters. We know that navigating the world of diamonds and precious stones can be complicated or frustrating without a guide. Aaron Faber will explain the Four C's, color, cut, clarity and carat weight ‚ but we also take pleasure in showing you the unique appeal of each of these different qualities. We believe that an engagement ring is an expression of love and relationship and that it should express your personal taste and visual preference. We will always recommend the best quality for your price range, and inform you if there are better values available.

Integrity matters. You should know that the information you receive is accurate because the people you consult with at Aaron Faber are certified professionals whose hard-earned credentials matter to them more than one sale. Professional experience and commitment to best practices are essential in the world of gems.

• We do not sell conflict diamonds
• We recommend independent certification of all gems of one carat or more • We do not sell clarity-enhanced diamonds
• We do not sell color-enhanced dimaonds
• We do not sell fracture-filled gemstones
• We disclose gem treatments to the greatest extent possible

Personal service matters. Aaron Faber competes in the online marketplace. Yet, at the end of the day, your engagement and wedding rings are not a commodity. They are an expression of your love, your mutual intentions, and of your declarations to each other, your family and your community. We want you to try on different rings, look at many gemstones, share with us your ideal design, and express your... taste. Our sales associates are ready to listen learn and fulfill your dream.

Recommended independent gemological laboratories include the GIA, EGL,and AGL, among others. Please contact for further information, * For example, most contemporary colored gems are heat treated to enhance their color; heat treatments are generally considered safe and permanent.