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As dealers in fine and antique watches for more than 25 years, we specialize in the restoration and refurbishing of antique and treasured timepieces. Our technicians are among the best in the world, with decades of experience in working with fine timepieces.

AF SERVICES repairs high-end mechanical movements including Patek Philippe, Vacheron & Constantin, Rolex, Breguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Blancpain, Cartier, Panerai among many fine watch brands, including American vintage brands such as Hamilton, Illinois, Elgin and Bulova.

Complete overhauls include disassembly and cleaning of the entire movement, replacement of worn or faulty parts, and oiling and regulating of the movement to manufacturer’s specifications. Watch repairs are warrantied for one year.

We also offer the convenience of having a battery changed on quartz watches while you wait! In addition, we test water-resistant watches in a special machine to ensure that your watch maintains the integrity of the water-resistant system. We will advise if periodic maintenance is required.

We repair watch clasps, and can even size gold watch bracelets. We refinish watch cases and watch bracelets as well as ultrasonically clean them. This can be done on any brand name watch. If there’s a repair you need, we probably do it, just inquire

We repair any type of wristwatch, pocketwatch or and clock, including manual wind watches, automatics, chronographs, multifunction and split chronographs, alarm, minute repeaters, and perpetual movements, to name a few.

You will be provided first with an estimate for the work, and upon your acceptance, the repair will be done. We can work with you long distance as well as in person. Contact us anytime at



AF SERVICES is proud of the radical restorations we are occasionally called on to perform on heirloom timepieces. We have taken watches with disfigured dials and even rusted movements and restored them to beautiful working order.

Restorations at this level are recommended only for special watches of great sentimental or other value, as the work is laborious. But we have often had the pleasure of clients’ exclaiming in joy over a watch or clock they had thought good only to scrap, being returned to them fully working, restored to its original style, and ready to enjoy.


We work with our customers to make their own jewelry beautiful and wearable again by:

  • Restringing pearls and necklaces
  • Sizing rings and bracelets
  • Replacing lost or damaged gemstones
  • Checking and tightening all the stones in gemstone jewelry
  • Fixing broken chains and clasps
  • Polishing and refurbishing jewelry that has lost its luster or finish
  • Working to restore heirloom and unique jewels so that they can be worn and enjoyed again
  • Engraving

AF SERVICES offers both hand and computer engraving on all types of rings, jewelry, watch cases, writing instruments, picture frames, and corporate gifts and awards.

We also sell jewelry accessories that make your own jewelry easier to wear, from all kinds of earring pads and backs – including ultra large ones that are easy to handle, in gold, gold-filled and sterling—to wonderful jewelry travel cases that are perfect to store your jewelry or give as a gift. Our goal is for you to enjoy the jewelry you own and love.


Our expertise includes jewelry repair and antique jewelry restoration. With advanced laser technology, broken and damaged pieces that were once thought impossible to repair can now be restored to pristine condition.

We also offer jewelry solutions. Pieces that are unwearable or out of date can be redesigned to fit your personal style.

  • Lost earrings can now have a mate fabricated: we have had great success making mates for lost earrings either by sourcing the original manufacturer where possible or when not possible, working with our master jewelers to recreate the design.
  • Pendants can be made into rings.
  • Pearls or beads can be restrung incorporating different effects and made into chokers and bracelets.
  • Rings that had to be forced over large knuckles can be modified to fit perfectly and painlessly.
  • Tiny clasps that are difficult to open can be changed to larger, easier to use ones.
  • All these services will ensure the safety and longevity of your jewelry, so it can be enjoyed for many years to come!


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