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Art jewelry is expressive, bold, original, creative and personal. To choose a gift of art celebrates relationships; it is intimate and as bold as the jewelry itself.  Consider first your own taste and vision, the gift of yourself you are giving to another.  Use your eye and your senses, consider how you see the person you are buying for: expressive? tailored? romantic?  And consider the occasion: an anniversary or birthday, a special event or accomplishment, a wedding or a gift of friendship.

Jewelry has served as a precious memento and symbol of human relationships since the beginning of time.  From the beads worn by our prehistoric ancestors, representing protection and power, to the royal jewels of more modern times, to the presentation of rings as symbols of commitment, jewelry represents the gravity of our human relationships in a material fashion.

In contemporary life, we symbolize our love by gifting the beloved, with precious gems that are the material representation of the preciousness of our love or, among studio jewelry collectors, with jewels created as an expression of style, line and form by an artist working in a singular language of artistic expression. The carefully chosen jewel is always understood to be a treasured gift that expresses personal taste as well as the relationship it honors.

Engagement rings are de rigueur, whether they are diamonds or sapphires set in platinum or artist-made rings that speak to the sense of style and individuality of the wearer. For birthdays, many clients gravitate towards favorite artists, adding another singular design – perhaps a ring this year or earrings last year — to their spouse, partner or friend’s collection of favorite jewels to wear and to own.

Holidays are the time for surprises and leaps of faith: a bold necklace or cuff bracelet, a statement ring that symbolizes not only the giver’s intentions, but the joyful spirit of the holidays themselves.  Color is always welcome, either of gemstones, including ruby or emerald, or artist-made palettes created through enamel, paint and mixed metals.

The best occasion to delve in to the art of jewelry given as a gift is when there is no occasion at all: just your appreciation of the expressive beauty of the jewelry that symbolizes your appreciation of the special beauty of the person you will give it to.



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