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Vintage Collectibles
American wristwatch design flourished in the 20th century, with brands such as Hamilton, Bulova, Gruen, Elgin, Illinois and Benrus.
Women’s watches: Art Deco diamond watches, Retro-Modern cocktail watches, even early men’s watches are sought-after collectibles.
Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe is the most collectible wristwatch brand in the world, thanks to superb watchmaking and unwavering support of excellence.
Pocket & Clocks
The art of watchmaking began with the development of the clock, and then its miniaturization in to the pocket watch around the 16th century.
Sport Watches
Sports watches – Breitling, Tag and IWC to just name a few –have captured the collectors’ market with their rugged innovative timepieces.
Breguet, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron & Constantin – these are just three of the legendary watch brands from Switzerland, the source for fine watches.
The Rolex brand is the most collectible brand of sport watch. Rolex’s technical innovations over the 20th century have dominated the market.
Special Items
We always come across special items in the world of watches: definitive books on collecting, watch winders for complications, and special brands such as Swatch.