Watch Winders

A watch winder is the perfect accessory for any automatic watch. The winder provides a rotating motion that mimics actual wrist movement, keeping your watch fully wound without over winding. It is easy and simple to operate, and can be programmed to accommodate the winding needs of different watches. Winding clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bi-directional. Most watch winders use a battery and or an AC/DC adapter. The winders come in single, double, triple, or even six module units, in beautiful leather or wood casing. A watch winder will give many years of reliable service.

Jewelry and Watch Boxes

Care and maintenance is easy with the right accessory. For cufflinks, a divided jewelry box like the one shown stores pieces separately to avoid scratching, scuffing or damage. We also have watch rolls leather or faux leather rolls with individual compartments for each watch. Jewelry totes compartmentalized colorful handbags with storage for your jewelry are fun to use at home or when you travel, and they make wonderful gifts. Ask us to send you images of our complete line of boxes and storage accessories, or 212-582-1088.