Ginny Whitney

Ginny Whitney’s enamels, with their handstoned matte finish and careful composition, are studies in form and color.  Modernism and Art Deco are strong influences in her work.  Her current series of work uses intersecting geometric lines and circles, each one a distinct enamel composition, contrasting colors and forms.

Whitney says about her work, “I use color, carefully acquired surfaces, and the form of the piece to make my statement.  A metal setting protects the enamel and lets the piece be worn – but the primary statement comes from the opaque enamels….I am influenced by the simple elegant furniture of Jean Prouvé, the playfulness of Alexander Calder, and the delicate mysteries of Hannelore Baron’s collage work”. Whitney’s work is featured in “Enameling with Professionals” by Lilyan Bachrach.



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