Michael Good

When Michael Good designs a piece of jewelry, his goal is to make a piece that is part of the wearer’s everyday life.  The earrings are distinct but, by some miracle of form, the earrings look different on each person.

His sculptures and jewelry are produced by a technique called “Anticlastic raising” developed allows him to make pieces that are light and flexible and incredibly fluid.  One writer described the jewelry as “liquid caught in the act of being gold.”

Michael Good is primarily self-taught as an artist.  He was taught elementary jewelry making techniques by a sculptor for whom he worked in NYC.  For the next ten years, Good made jewelry by invention, experimentation and books.  In 1980 he met Heikki Seppa and was exposed to a new metalsmithing vocabulary, which opened a completely new direction.  Michael’s work since then has been an exploration of form with direct metal techniques, especially employing anticlastic raising, which he developed based on the work of Heikki Seppa.



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